Web Projects – 1
Artworks – 12
Maps – 3
Photography – 8
About – 3

I'm Lucas Dietrich, born in 1994 and raised in my hometown Münster, Germany.

My friends and family would describe me as someone close to a perfectionist. I like clean, organized and minimalistic places and workspaces. I'm a creative introvert and see myself as very honest, trustworthy and thoughtful. I'm the opposite of impulsive with my decisions, everything I do has a purpose or needed a lot of thought. I'm an analyst and a problem solver who likes to learn new skills if I see benefit in the skill in question.

An interesting question to get to know someone is:
What trait would another person discover in you instantly which makes you special? When I thought about that I instantly had my neophobia in mind. I don't like changes. I like order and structure. Other people wouldn't recognize it instantly of course, but early on I think.


Currently I'm working as a designer at shopware AG. I develop new ideas for our website, the brand itself and help to optimize and expand the design of the website as well as the code. Today I would consider my position as web designer to be my dream job. I love to be creative in this area, make up design patterns and adapt to new trends when they emerge.

Despite my neophobia I really adore to experiment with other creative work like video production, music production, animations, illustrations, interior design or even writing for books. In fact in a perfect future I want to have written and published a book, illustrated books for children and do what I do now at a larger scale as full-time job.

Personally I like to present the best side of me without exception.


As stated before I'm currently living in Münster and plan to do so for at least the next couple of years. This place on earth is my home and while other cities and countries have they own interesting facets and beauty attached to them I guess I'll stick around for quite some time.

I really like to be independent. In every aspect of my life. Most of the time I see myself as an individual who isn't bound or depended on someone or something. Or doesn't want to be at least. No one is really free in this regard - but we all can strive to be if we desire.