behind beauty lines simplicity

original image by Vicki Heger

Vicki Heger

Personal Art Reference
24. February 2016
Time required 4h 30m

Were you ever so happy and amazed by some of your own work? I experienced it with the ‘Behind beauty lines simplicity’ portrait of Vicki Heger, where I encountered problems with the style for the first time. I struggled to get it but eventually tried different styles and the result was even better than I could’ve ever imagined it. As the website launches, I have never been prouder about an artwork I did. The original is gorgeous on its own but focusing on the prettiest aspects of her face made me believe I can make her stand out even more. The color in her face really pops out, like the eyes, the lips, the nose and the hair I added. It looks drawn but only to certain ratio which makes it believable.
Believe in your beauty and you’ll find it easily

Vicki Heger Before and After Vicki Heger