The goddess

Just another attempt to get better with my ‘Behind beauty lines simplicity’ artwork series. It’s so immensely difficult to find fitting persons or models and further an image that works. It’s perfect when the facial feature are completely seen, the little sparkles and pores in the skin visible and shining, the mouth slightly open without smiling and the eyes not directly looking to the observer. Vicki just got it perfectly right with so many of her images so I used another image of her’s – she just fits best so far. This time I also wanted to scratch the fourth wall and tried to bring the image slightly more to life, so I added the paint splashes around her, eventhough I know it doesn’t perfectly worked out. But it does bring depth to the picture and makes it more believable. The splashes feature the used colors, the paper where the drawing is used to be drawn on is less obvious in contrast.
Extend your view, always