Footsteps on Crateria

After I finished the ‘Forest of Mystery’ artwork, which made me by the way extraordinary happy, I decided to look for another gaming reference to hit on. ‘Metroid’ were the one I was looking for. Actually this was not the result of the art session, but this piece took it to another level, about a year after in June 2014. ‘Footsteps on Crateria’ illustrates another magic moment in my gaming history because it was such an vast experience and the scene you’re looking at are the very first steps you take in ‘Super Metroid’. My first footsteps into an gaming epos I shall never forget. As I drew it may seem darkish, even scary for a game that’s definitely not an horror game – but it was and still is my artstyle to look at it. Creating a dim, yet shining and epic feeling. I also re-drew it at some point and refined the colors and details.
I hope you like this piece